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Saturday 18th: Winter Sky (Friends) Cancelled. To prevent hanging on in hope! Maybe this will mak it clear!

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What's Up - Week of 13th November

  • Astronomical twilight ends at 18.17 UT at the start of the week and 18.11 UT at the end

  • The Moon is waning and will be New on Saturday

  • The waning Moon is now a fine sight in the pre-dawn sky with Mars below it and, at the start of the week Jupiter and Venus in a close (less than degree) Conjunction

  • The Sun is blank again

  • The ISS makes no evening passes this week

  • There is one super-bright Iridium flares this week: On Monday at 18.41.39 at 39 degrees altitude in SE


Random Blackett Image
Transit of Venus, June 2004

News - 17th November

Leonids watch: 10 Friends including, 4 from Oxford came up to the Dome, optimistic about the weather. From clear skies and no Moon at 8.15pm the clouds closed in till nothing was visible by 9pm. 6 meteors were seen and M57 viewed by some in 10 inch. The evening was then abandonned

16th November

House visit: 11 pupils from C2 Shell and a Tutor coame up to the Dome in clearing skie. Major asterisms were pointed out and 2 early Leonids seen. M45 (leiades)was viewed in Binos and M57 (Ring Nebula) in 10 inch

Next House visit : Thursday 23rd November (C3)

GCSE Observing: The first full observing evening with a clear sky took pace with all 4 Hundred and 8 of the Remove attending. Despite the lack of Moon, the sky was very bright due to the scattered light of the sports pitches combined with the 64% humidity. Drawing projects of Umi and Cygnus were undertaken and Messier drawings of M45 and M57. Star counts in the MW were also attempted and some photography of M45 and M31 (Andromeda galaxy)

12th Novemebr

GCSE Remove observing: DGR gathered Remove set 1 at the Dome under hazy clear skies (sadly a good deal of skyglow). Drawings of Cygnus were made and magnitude estimates practiced

7th November

House visit: 10 pupils from CO came up to the Dome. It was wet and mild

Next House visit: Thursday 16th November (C2)

4th November

Prep School lecture: CEB gave the talk 'Stars, planets and wormholes' to a packed theatre of yr 5 to 8 at Pinewood School

OM day: CEB hosted 2 groups of OMs for 45 minutes each at the Dome as part of the OM day. 32 leavers ranging from 1947 to 2010 attended. Sadly it was cloudy

2nd November

External visit: 10 members of the 1st Broughton Gifford Explorer Scouts aged from 14 to 18 yrs and 2 Leaders came up to the Dome. Sadly it was cloudy

House visit: 11 pupils from C1 Shell came up to the Dome for their visit

Next House visit: Tuesday 7th November (CO)

31st October

House visit: An unexpected Shell House visit took place as 11 pupils from SU (scheduled for March 2018) came up to the Dome. Sadly the light of the waxing Gibbous Moon combined with high levels of moisture made the sky very bright. Polaris and Cassiopeia could be identified and the Summer Triangle. The Moon was viewed in Binos

Next House visit: Thursday 2nd November (C1)

6th to 13th October

World Space Week: CEB represented the Royal Astronomical Society, lecturing alongside an ISS astronaut, NASA historian and the Commercial Director of Virgin Galactic. Planetarium shows and night-sky observing also attracted large audiences

3rd October

House visit: 12 Shell pupils from BH came up to the Dome. Sadly it was cloudy

Next House visit: Thursday 2nd November (C1)

28th September

House Shell visit: The first House visit of the academic year took place with 10 pupils from B1 coming up to the Dome. Some bright stars and the Summer Triangle were visible between extensive high cloud and the First Quarter Moon was viewed in the Binos and ETX

Next House visit: Tuesday 3rd October (BH)

22nd September

Friends 13th annual drinks: On the Autumnal Equinox, 30 or so of the outreach group Friends of the Marlborough Telescope gathered at the dome for the annual drinks party. It was good to see both new members and stalwarts there

13th September

External visit: The chairman of the Friends outreach group and his wife and 3 distiguished Radio astronomers for the Oxford Astrophysics sub-Department visited the Dome. Gaps in the cloud allowed views of mature sunspot 2680 throug h the 10 inch

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