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The ‘Barclay Equatorial 10” Cooke (1860) telescope’ installed in the Blackett Observatory in the grounds of Marlborough College and belonging to the school, is the largest telescope in Wiltshire and one of the largest refracting telescopes in the country in full use. After expensive restoration and fitting of a computer drive, which was completed in 2002, it gives astounding views of the Moon, planets (including Uranus and Neptune), star clusters and nebulae.

The telescope has also been equipped with solar filters to allow daytime observation of the Sun. Sunspots and solar flares/prominences may now be studied and of course transits observed; pictured below is the transit of Mercury in May 2003 and Venus in June 2004

All images (Moon, Saturn ,Mercury and Venus) taken by C. Barclay through 10” on low magnification

The Council of Marlborough College decided in 2003 to make this stunning facility accessible to those outside the College who might be interested in Astronomy. By becoming a ‘Friend of the Marlborough telescope’ you will receive a Diary of planned events, a contact number to arrange private visits and be invited to attend private observation events during the year (including Solar observations by day)*. There will also be regular lectures, which you will be able to attend in the College, on matters of astronomical interest given by qualified astronomers.

Joining is simple. Just fill in this form and send it with your first year’s subscription (Preferbaly via BACs direct Bank transfer using 'Friends of the Marlborough telescope', sort code: 200512, account 20917958) to:

Blackett Observatory,
Marlborough College,
SN8 1PA.

For more information ring 07792311371 or fax: C. Barclay on 01672 892349 or ideally e-mail ceb@marlboroughcollege.org

* In view of the vauaries of the English weather observations though scheduled may be subject to alteration. Cancellation or confirmation of arrangements will be sent by e-mail (if supplied) on the day.