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What's Up - Week of 22nd January

  • Astronomical twilight ends at 18.37 UT at the start of the week and 18.46 UT at the end

  • The Moon is waning and will be First Quarter on Wednesday

  • The Sun has one small inactive spot

  • The ISS returns with evening passes from Friday: Friday at 19.28.33 from SW to SSW reaching 14 degrees. Saturday 18.36.45 SSW to SSE to 22 degrees and Sunday 17.45.20 S to ESE to 14 degrees and 19.19.56 SW to SW to 29 degrees

  • There are three bright Iridium flares this week: Monday at 17.17.03 at 23 degrees altitude in SSW. Wednesday at 17.10.25 at 22 degrees in SSW and Friday at 18.20,09 at 10 degrees in WNW


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News - 18th January

House visit: 10 pupils from LI Shell came up to the Dome on the first really clear night this term. M45 was viewed in Binos and M42 the Great Orion Nebula in the 10 inch. Several sporadic meteors were seen

Next House visit: Thursday 25th January (MM)

GCSE Observing: All 4 Hundred, and all bar 4 of the Remove, came up to the Dome. With no Moon and initially good Seeing the conditions were ideal for Star counts in and out of the MW plane and drawings of M45 and M42. Photographs of M42 were taken on tripod and via a new adaptor using the 10 inch with suprising success and great colour contrast in the nebula. Remove drawing and star counts in Orion were attempted. Several more sporadic meteors were seen. The Seeing declined during the evening.

11th January

House visit: 9 pupils from IH Shell and a Tutor came up to the dome. The evening was cloudy

Next House visit: Thursday 18th January (LI)

8th January 2018

Charity evening: JAG and GKWJ hosted 'An evening with the Stars' as a charity evening for 9 adults, who had won the auction prize in aid of SWIFT Medics (Wiltshire). The night was crystal clear with no Moon with a temperature of -1, feeling like -6 in the wind. Uranus was viewed in the 10 inch. M45 in Binos, M42 in the ETX and the the Perseus Double cluster in both. The 10 inch then viewed the Trapezium in M42 and then M1. The 10 inch was then used to split Castor and Alnitak (just). Finally Open clusters with Christmas tree and 15 Monocerotis, M35, M36, M37 and M38. A great start to 2018

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