Publication Title Author Description
In Time of Lockdown: Reflections on Locks, Lockdown, Isolation
Summer 2021
The Third Man J.A. Genton A book created by the staff and pupils of Marlborough College during the Lockdown of 2021. JAG’s article considers the isolation of Michael Collins aboard the lunar orbiter ‘Columbia’ while his colleagues made their one small step…
Frontiers Magazine Summer 2006 La Palma C.E. Barclay A write-up of the two La Palma visits
origninally published in the ING newsletter of winter 2005
Star Gazing – A New Era C.E. Barclay Outreach at the Blackett Observatory
Astronomy Expedition to La
C. E. Barclay The magazine account of the 2005 La Palma trip
Radcliffe Society Report C.E. Barclay A report of a year’s internal observing on a Tuesday night
Astrophysics and Geophysics
December 2004
Joseph Gurney Barclay FRAS (1816-1898) C.E. Barclay A Victorian astronomer and the restoration of his 1860 10″ Cooke refractor
Someone has hole-punched the Sun! C.E. Barclay The College involvement in the 2004 Venus transit
Gazette & Herald
7th October 2004
Astronomy in Marlborough P.H.D. Wetton Draft for the published article
Physics Education
September 2003
Back to Basics: Naked Eye Astronomy C.E. Barclay The benefits of first-hand observation and a structure for an observing evening
Astronomy Now
February 2003
Victorian Phoenix C.E. Barclay The story of the refurbishment of the 10″ Barclay Equatorial up to the opening of the observatory by Prof. Joe Silk FRS in October 2002