February 2021 News

20th February

Friends Observing: A small group of Friends met online for a lunar observing session. Unfortunately, the evening was cloudy, but that did not stop the observing, GKWJ had filmed about an hour of footage of the similar 10 day old Moon phase in January, captured on a good clear night through the 10-inch. With commentary from CEB and GKWJ, along with facts and figures from JAG, the group explored the lunar surface at various magnifications, identifying craters, mare, rimae, rilles, wrinkle ridges, landing sites and more. The effects of the seeing were very evident, with the familiar ‘boiling’ effect along with moments of great clarity. There was much discussion and great questioning from the group. The highlights of the tour were the detail and shadows visible in features along the terminator and a fabulous view of the crater Copernicus, with its multiple central peaks

11th February

House visit: 7 pupils from TU Shell joined via Zoom. It was very cold at -3 (for CEB)

Next House visit: Tuesday 2nd March (PR)

4th February

House visit: 10 pupils from SU Shell joined on Zoom. The evening was mild and damp

Next House visit: Thursday 11th February (TU)